My teaching interests include competitive and nonmarket strategies, corporate and nonprofit governance, and global governance.

  • Universitat de les Illes Balears – Palma de Mallorca

Bachelor: Introduction to Business (Spring 2022-scheduled, Spring 2021)

Bachelor: Estrategia Empresarial (Fall 2020)

Bachelor: Business Ethics and Social Responsibility (Fall 2020)

Bachelor: Thesis supervision (S.Y. 2020-2021)

  • EADA Business School – Barcelona

Master in IM: Strategy Implementation (Spring 2020)

Guest Lecturer
  • ESADE Business School – Barcelona

Master in IM/Finance/Marketing: Session on Managing Development in Asia – Focus on the Philippines, an emerging economy (Spring 2015)

BBA: Session on Intergovernmental Organizations for Public Sector Course (Spring 2015)

Independent study supervision
  • Master

Mehrdad Kamandlou (GBS, 2021), Ming Lim (GBS, 2020), Andrea Gutiérrez (GBS, 2020), Viktoria Klavensparr (GBS, 2020), Lara Zibari (GBS, 2019), Andrew Christopher Asaff (EUBS, 2018)

  • Bachelor

Rafel Andreu Thomas (UIB, 2021); Maria Méndez Huguet (UIB, 2021); Sonia Cheng (UIB, 2021); Chloe del Santo Strillak (UIB, 2021), Dennis Ricardo Lig-Long Jorge (UIB, 2021), Tiara Whitford (GBS, 2021), Youssef Fathallah (GBS, 2021), Nicola Bordogna (GBS, 2020), Amanda Nadell (GBS, 2020), Luisa Fuentes (GBS, 2020), Naga Venkata (GBS, 2020), Seif Omran (GBS,  2020), Paulius Auryla (GBS, 2020), Melanie Diaz (GBS, 2019), Andrea Gutiérrez (GBS, 2019)

Teaching Assistant
  • ESADE Business School – Barcelona

Master in IM: Geopolitics (Fall 2014 – Fall 2016)